Monday, October 29, 2012

The Recurring Dream.

  Have you ever had a dream about something or someone over and over? I have. Sometimes it's all about the babies or kids, which, I noticed, always lead to someone getting pregnant. But out of all the recurring dreams I have, there's something that sticks with me for over a year now. It's a dream about this person. I started having dreams about this person last year and all those months that I've been dreaming about this person, I never really paid attention behind these dreams. I know some people here may know about me practicing tarot reading and dream interpretation, but I'm kind of lazy when it comes to my own dreams. Truth is, I don't really like relying on Dream Dictionaries when finding out what dreams mean; I like analyzing them based on what's happening with my life at the moment. Sometimes tarot reading helps, but it could only guide you as what it could possibly mean, and not really give the main reason why you are dreaming about that person. So for the months that I've been dreaming about this person, I just let it slip in through my mind, knowing that I'll forget about it anyway. Besides, it's not like I'm seeing this person regularly; heck, we've never seen each other for years now!

  Usually, when I dream about someone, especially recurring dreams, I told them about it. But for some reason, I couldn't about this person. Not that I don't want to; it's just that this person and I don't have means of communication for several years now so, I don't really know how to reach this person. I know I could easily ask mutual friends, but somehow I just can't find the strength (and time) to do so. However, my dreams these past few weeks have been intense. So, I tried to figure things out lately, attempting to decode my own recurring dream and I realized that maybe, just maybe, it's time to do something about it.

  This person and I have rifts a few years ago. We were such great friends but for some reason, we grew apart. No matter how one tries to reach out to the other person, somehow fate doesn't seem to want to. So we decided to live our own lives separately, and until then, we acted as if we've never even met before.

  As for my recurring dream, it's always about getting back to something - school, a ride, strolling, but we're always together in every dream. Maybe it's time to reconnect with the old friend. Or maybe, just maybe, it's time to say goodbye properly.

  I know that this person is happy right now. At least I hope that this person is. But no matter how many more dreams I would have soon, I hope that someday, somehow, we could put an end to this anonymity. I mean, we were friends, after all.