Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Death of Me.

April 7, 2013
5:01 am

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  There was an ambush. Me and my siblings were with some friends and were led to a new house, which will be our home while we're in the city. It was a simple home but very inviting. Then all of a sudden, we heard a gunshot and the next thing I know, we were being ambushed by armed men. We ducked down but one of our companion's Lolo was brave enough to stand still and tried to fire a gun himself. He did kill one or two, but one the gun men shot him in the heart. He died instantly.

  When he fell to the floor, the bodyguards came to rescue and started firing back. There were a lot of gun men out there so the bodyguards handed us guns so we can also fire back to protect ourselves, despite not knowing how to use it. We escaped after some more shots, and went to the streets for 'protection', (if we're in the public place the gun men won't start shooting us again... right?) carrying six small boxes containing fake blue marlins in it. But it wasn't just any fake blue marlins. Inside each box was the deadliest and worst creature you will ever see - a large green snake in a form of a woman. And one of the crews from Landmark, who was stacking the boxes to the side, suddenly peeked inside the last box beside me and my brother and to our horror, grabbed the snake inside it! WHAT. A. STUPID. ASSHOLE.

  Everyone was startled when he let out the snake because, as it turns out, it wasn't just a small snake, but something that can kill us all in a few minutes. And even after we told him NOT to touch the inside of the box, he still can't keep his hands to his side. And when the snake was finally out, it was as if the world stopped moving and just stared at us, fearful of what will happen next.

  Now, to lure the snake back inside the box it must be fed with a fish. The dumb crew then carried the ginormous fish we also brought with us, stood face to face with the snake, fish on his shoulders, and leaned in. The snake swallowed the fish in less than three seconds but even before we can all blink, the snake turns into a woman, stood to the crew's right side, leaned in as if to whisper something, and started eating the poor man. It was as if the snake woman ate his laman-loob first before breaking his head and swallowing him whole. He was gone in less than 60 seconds and right then I knew everyone is in trouble.

  After 'eating' the man, people thought that she was done but she wasn't. The snake started walking, looking for her next meal. She walked in our direction, checking us out one by one, trying to decide who seems juicy and enticing. As she was walking all I keep saying was "pls not me and my family. Lord, pls not my family" and when the snake finally stopped walking, I felt a hand on my head... Her hand.

  Before we went to the front, I told her, "please let me say goodbye to my family. Please just let me say goodbye to them" so she let me and I hugged my brother first, tighter than I ever did in my life. He whispered something in my ear, how I can possibly fool the snake and they're going to attack and try to rescue me, but I didn't really tried to listen. For me, my life is over. I walk next to my sister and we hugged so tight and, I think, she said the same thing my brother said to me. I know how the snake kills, and I can see her glittering eyes as I walk to the front to face my death sentence. She followed close by and stood by my right when we reached the center, close to where the poor crew had been. I glanced at my brother and sister for the last time then closed my eyes.

  So did I die? Or were the people able to rescue me from the monster? The truth is, I don't know. Because right after I felt her breath closer on me, I suddenly woke up with a throbbing headache and a cut on my pointer finger at 4am, which I don't really know why and how it happened.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Recurring Dream.

  Have you ever had a dream about something or someone over and over? I have. Sometimes it's all about the babies or kids, which, I noticed, always lead to someone getting pregnant. But out of all the recurring dreams I have, there's something that sticks with me for over a year now. It's a dream about this person. I started having dreams about this person last year and all those months that I've been dreaming about this person, I never really paid attention behind these dreams. I know some people here may know about me practicing tarot reading and dream interpretation, but I'm kind of lazy when it comes to my own dreams. Truth is, I don't really like relying on Dream Dictionaries when finding out what dreams mean; I like analyzing them based on what's happening with my life at the moment. Sometimes tarot reading helps, but it could only guide you as what it could possibly mean, and not really give the main reason why you are dreaming about that person. So for the months that I've been dreaming about this person, I just let it slip in through my mind, knowing that I'll forget about it anyway. Besides, it's not like I'm seeing this person regularly; heck, we've never seen each other for years now!

  Usually, when I dream about someone, especially recurring dreams, I told them about it. But for some reason, I couldn't about this person. Not that I don't want to; it's just that this person and I don't have means of communication for several years now so, I don't really know how to reach this person. I know I could easily ask mutual friends, but somehow I just can't find the strength (and time) to do so. However, my dreams these past few weeks have been intense. So, I tried to figure things out lately, attempting to decode my own recurring dream and I realized that maybe, just maybe, it's time to do something about it.

  This person and I have rifts a few years ago. We were such great friends but for some reason, we grew apart. No matter how one tries to reach out to the other person, somehow fate doesn't seem to want to. So we decided to live our own lives separately, and until then, we acted as if we've never even met before.

  As for my recurring dream, it's always about getting back to something - school, a ride, strolling, but we're always together in every dream. Maybe it's time to reconnect with the old friend. Or maybe, just maybe, it's time to say goodbye properly.

  I know that this person is happy right now. At least I hope that this person is. But no matter how many more dreams I would have soon, I hope that someday, somehow, we could put an end to this anonymity. I mean, we were friends, after all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Same Old Dream

It's almost dinner time and there I was walking with Peewee to their house for dinner. As we walk our way to her home, she told me that she's earning P120, 000 a month and that she would be really happy if I make it official. She said that she's willing to do anything and will give me the position if I said “Yes.” I was shocked by her determination and willingness to give it to me, knowing the fact that I kinda lack of experience when it comes to the business (although at the back of my mind I was happy and thrilled by what she just said). She opened the door and assists me inside, as she kisses her husband and introduced me to him for the first time.

After a few Hi's and Hello's to her husband, Peewee said, "Anak, tara samahan mo'ko, bili tayong food." I wasn't really hungry at the time but I did come with her to gp get some food for the three of us, anyway. As we were walking to Jollibee, Peewee and I continued chatting about her plans for MEG and how she enjoys her job, even if it is really stressing her out most of the time. She said that once I made it official, then things would probably be less stressful like how it is before. When we reached the counter in Jollibee, Peewee asked me what do I want and I said, "No thanks, Mommy. Busog pa po kasi ako eh," but she insisted me to choose so I just said, "fries and ice cream na lang po." After we get our orders, Peewee and I headed back to their house and was about to continue our conversation but before she could even start talking, the dream was cut short.

This isn't the first time I had a dream about me calling Peewee "Mom." The first time I dreamed of it, it was when I was lost in a forest and found myself in some school's dormitory. The setting was dark and creepy, I even get to a point where I was running so fast that I could almost lose my breath but Peewee came to rescue... comforted me and pointed me to the right direction. When I was about to go, I said, "Thank you so much, Mie" with a look in her face that describes happiness, contentment, or relief.

I really don't know why I was having dreams like this about Peewee. I never saw her as a "Mom;" although I could say that I really like her as a person, as a friend, and of course, as a MEG Editor-in-Chief. As I woke up this morning, I felt confused as to whether I would think of Peewee or my own Mom. However, as I dream about her being my "Mom," I noticed that the "scenes" are getting pleasant compared to the first dream. I think that the dream is more about my mom rather than Peewee, which is not to say that I'm taking Peewee for granted (in those two dreams). She has been one of the kindest MEG peeps I have ever known and I am just really thankful that she's there for me, even in my dreams.

I also come to thinking that my mom is trying to tell me something, especially now that she just had her 6th death anniversary. My siblings and I weren't able to visit her grave and me having that dream serves as a warning, informing me (us) that we may have forgotten her (but we didn't, I even light a candle for her on a Sunday after her death anniversary). I also dreamed of my Mom's mother who passed away one or two years after she died, but that was another story.

I would refer to my book when I get back home and see if my thoughts are correct.
I just wish I could find the answers to this recurring dream.


Friday, January 16, 2009

I found this blog entry in my Multiply and thought to share this to you. Since I just started this Dream Sequence, I'm going to share an old entry I wrote almost a year ago.

(WRITTEN 26 JAN 2008: 12:21PM)
The past week was weird. I don't know if it was just because I was so hooked up with Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara or what, but heck it really is weird!

Last week I had a dream about my Mommy. Actually, I dreamed of her for two consecutive days already. I wanted to know what is the real meaning behind that and though thoughts are starting to form into my crazy little mind, things are still vague for me.

1st Night: The Resurrection.
It was as if she rose from the dead. She was lying into their bed, in their
original bedroom. She was well and strong, seeming like she didn't have cancer. I asked her where is she sleeping (at the time she was 'gone' here on earth) and answered me with, "sa simbahan... minsan sa kalsada..." She also added that she's even going to work (in SSS) sometimes but the one thing that really marked with me was when she said, "Andito lang naman ako sa tabi-tabi eh..."

2nd Night: Tragedy.
I was standing (or sitting) in front of a building (more like a church) when I saw Abei hit by an SUV truck. Because the impact of the hit was so strong she died in an instant and was placed in a Funeral home. While her remains was still in their, her father had their home reconstructed (beautifully) because that's what she wants.

I went home to rest and prepare the DVD's I am going to return to her the next day and as I lay in my bed, preparing to sleep, Abei texted me with,
"Pwede sama ka na lang sa'ken Next Year?
Ay hindi, pwede next month?
Pwede next week?
Pwede bukas?

AY hindi... Pwede, MAMAYA na lang?"

I was scared by the text so I cover myself with the blanket when someone lay beside me and hold my hand. I pull of the covers and saw it was my Mommy. I was shocked and asked her, "Ba't ganyan hitsura mo?" (you know how people looked like when he is about to die? that's what she looked like!) She didn't answer me and just tell me, "Ayun oh, MCU Monumento!" I was like, "What?" and she told me, "Siyempre ako lang nakakakita no'n..."

Next day came and I was preparing to leave (to meet Abei... how weird) and return the three DVD's I borrowed. Before I leave I checked her refrigerator-like football treasures and arranged it. As I was about to go, someone like stopped me from going and the dream was cut.

Actually, this whole dream thing for me was just like a "sign" from her that maybe, it's time for us to visit her at the cemetery (because we, her children, didn't visit her last Jan 16th (her 5th Death Anniversary), but still, I didn't know what the true story behind these... And I wanna know what it is. For real.

I miss you so much, Mommy...
I Love You... We, Love You.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever had a dream where everything seem so real? All the emotions, the people, even the littlest things? Have you ever been in a situation where things seem kinda like a Déjà Vu and suddenly you realized that you've already seen that in your dream? Coincidence or Premonition?

This blog aims to decode the details of a dream. This consist of collective thoughts of someone's dream... good or bad. As days go by, I will try to share the dreams that have been memorable for me... What are the reasons behind the dream; what it want to tell me; what could possibly happen, and what were the outcome.

I am no Madam Rosa wannabe, I'm just a girl whose dreams are vivid... Someone who believe that dreams are our underlying emotions... and that in all those dreams, an important thought is hidden.

If any of these dreams come true, then you be the judge as to what is really happening here.

JC (=