Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Same Old Dream

It's almost dinner time and there I was walking with Peewee to their house for dinner. As we walk our way to her home, she told me that she's earning P120, 000 a month and that she would be really happy if I make it official. She said that she's willing to do anything and will give me the position if I said “Yes.” I was shocked by her determination and willingness to give it to me, knowing the fact that I kinda lack of experience when it comes to the business (although at the back of my mind I was happy and thrilled by what she just said). She opened the door and assists me inside, as she kisses her husband and introduced me to him for the first time.

After a few Hi's and Hello's to her husband, Peewee said, "Anak, tara samahan mo'ko, bili tayong food." I wasn't really hungry at the time but I did come with her to gp get some food for the three of us, anyway. As we were walking to Jollibee, Peewee and I continued chatting about her plans for MEG and how she enjoys her job, even if it is really stressing her out most of the time. She said that once I made it official, then things would probably be less stressful like how it is before. When we reached the counter in Jollibee, Peewee asked me what do I want and I said, "No thanks, Mommy. Busog pa po kasi ako eh," but she insisted me to choose so I just said, "fries and ice cream na lang po." After we get our orders, Peewee and I headed back to their house and was about to continue our conversation but before she could even start talking, the dream was cut short.

This isn't the first time I had a dream about me calling Peewee "Mom." The first time I dreamed of it, it was when I was lost in a forest and found myself in some school's dormitory. The setting was dark and creepy, I even get to a point where I was running so fast that I could almost lose my breath but Peewee came to rescue... comforted me and pointed me to the right direction. When I was about to go, I said, "Thank you so much, Mie" with a look in her face that describes happiness, contentment, or relief.

I really don't know why I was having dreams like this about Peewee. I never saw her as a "Mom;" although I could say that I really like her as a person, as a friend, and of course, as a MEG Editor-in-Chief. As I woke up this morning, I felt confused as to whether I would think of Peewee or my own Mom. However, as I dream about her being my "Mom," I noticed that the "scenes" are getting pleasant compared to the first dream. I think that the dream is more about my mom rather than Peewee, which is not to say that I'm taking Peewee for granted (in those two dreams). She has been one of the kindest MEG peeps I have ever known and I am just really thankful that she's there for me, even in my dreams.

I also come to thinking that my mom is trying to tell me something, especially now that she just had her 6th death anniversary. My siblings and I weren't able to visit her grave and me having that dream serves as a warning, informing me (us) that we may have forgotten her (but we didn't, I even light a candle for her on a Sunday after her death anniversary). I also dreamed of my Mom's mother who passed away one or two years after she died, but that was another story.

I would refer to my book when I get back home and see if my thoughts are correct.
I just wish I could find the answers to this recurring dream.


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