Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever had a dream where everything seem so real? All the emotions, the people, even the littlest things? Have you ever been in a situation where things seem kinda like a Déjà Vu and suddenly you realized that you've already seen that in your dream? Coincidence or Premonition?

This blog aims to decode the details of a dream. This consist of collective thoughts of someone's dream... good or bad. As days go by, I will try to share the dreams that have been memorable for me... What are the reasons behind the dream; what it want to tell me; what could possibly happen, and what were the outcome.

I am no Madam Rosa wannabe, I'm just a girl whose dreams are vivid... Someone who believe that dreams are our underlying emotions... and that in all those dreams, an important thought is hidden.

If any of these dreams come true, then you be the judge as to what is really happening here.

JC (=


  1. nice! i love the header image kinda familiar though but fits the theme perfectly ;)

  2. Fine! I just got that from deviantart. (=