Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Death of Me.

April 7, 2013
5:01 am

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  There was an ambush. Me and my siblings were with some friends and were led to a new house, which will be our home while we're in the city. It was a simple home but very inviting. Then all of a sudden, we heard a gunshot and the next thing I know, we were being ambushed by armed men. We ducked down but one of our companion's Lolo was brave enough to stand still and tried to fire a gun himself. He did kill one or two, but one the gun men shot him in the heart. He died instantly.

  When he fell to the floor, the bodyguards came to rescue and started firing back. There were a lot of gun men out there so the bodyguards handed us guns so we can also fire back to protect ourselves, despite not knowing how to use it. We escaped after some more shots, and went to the streets for 'protection', (if we're in the public place the gun men won't start shooting us again... right?) carrying six small boxes containing fake blue marlins in it. But it wasn't just any fake blue marlins. Inside each box was the deadliest and worst creature you will ever see - a large green snake in a form of a woman. And one of the crews from Landmark, who was stacking the boxes to the side, suddenly peeked inside the last box beside me and my brother and to our horror, grabbed the snake inside it! WHAT. A. STUPID. ASSHOLE.

  Everyone was startled when he let out the snake because, as it turns out, it wasn't just a small snake, but something that can kill us all in a few minutes. And even after we told him NOT to touch the inside of the box, he still can't keep his hands to his side. And when the snake was finally out, it was as if the world stopped moving and just stared at us, fearful of what will happen next.

  Now, to lure the snake back inside the box it must be fed with a fish. The dumb crew then carried the ginormous fish we also brought with us, stood face to face with the snake, fish on his shoulders, and leaned in. The snake swallowed the fish in less than three seconds but even before we can all blink, the snake turns into a woman, stood to the crew's right side, leaned in as if to whisper something, and started eating the poor man. It was as if the snake woman ate his laman-loob first before breaking his head and swallowing him whole. He was gone in less than 60 seconds and right then I knew everyone is in trouble.

  After 'eating' the man, people thought that she was done but she wasn't. The snake started walking, looking for her next meal. She walked in our direction, checking us out one by one, trying to decide who seems juicy and enticing. As she was walking all I keep saying was "pls not me and my family. Lord, pls not my family" and when the snake finally stopped walking, I felt a hand on my head... Her hand.

  Before we went to the front, I told her, "please let me say goodbye to my family. Please just let me say goodbye to them" so she let me and I hugged my brother first, tighter than I ever did in my life. He whispered something in my ear, how I can possibly fool the snake and they're going to attack and try to rescue me, but I didn't really tried to listen. For me, my life is over. I walk next to my sister and we hugged so tight and, I think, she said the same thing my brother said to me. I know how the snake kills, and I can see her glittering eyes as I walk to the front to face my death sentence. She followed close by and stood by my right when we reached the center, close to where the poor crew had been. I glanced at my brother and sister for the last time then closed my eyes.

  So did I die? Or were the people able to rescue me from the monster? The truth is, I don't know. Because right after I felt her breath closer on me, I suddenly woke up with a throbbing headache and a cut on my pointer finger at 4am, which I don't really know why and how it happened.

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